Tommy Ly


Greetings! My name is Tommy Ly (pronounced l-ee) and I’m currently working towards obtaining my second bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Columbia University. My primary goal is to work in the ML + healthcare/biotech area.

Similar to many others, the year 2020 brought a significant change in my life, and pushed me to reassess what I truly value. This reflection led me to the decision of pursuing another degree at Columbia University. I spent the summer of 2022 working at the New York Genome Center - Tech Innovation Lab, followed by the summer of 2023 working on gene regulation at the Columbia University Irving Medical Center - Rabadan Lab.

Recently, I’ve been doing research in computational neuroscience at the Zuckerman Institute - Paninski Lab on pose estimation and neural decoding.

Fun fact: I’m been doing various triathlon races, and love the comedy scene in New York City. I enjoy film score, rock n roll music, and enjoy watching American classic movies during my free time!


Jul 1, 2023 I help OneFact Foundation scaling ClinicalBert AI models to NIH datasets spanning several disease areas
Jun 12, 2023 I started work at Columbia University Irving Medical Center on a project that predict genetic expression using Deepmind’s attention network in Pytorch.
Jun 10, 2022 I started work at New York Genome Center.

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Jul 1, 2023 Hi all!